MJ and Yoshiki?

I'm just gonna leave this here.
Is this real?

Also, i already have my ticket to X Japan! <3 It's in the Standing Area, i'm so excited!
And because i was bored:

Your result for The LONG Scientific Personality Test...

ISTJ - The Inspector

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As a romantic partner, you are dependable and predictable. You usually like things done in very specific ways. You tend to appreciate tradition, and you work hard to achieve goals. You have trouble sharing your feelings, though. In your eagerness to be organized and productive, you can also be unwilling to examine or embrace alternative points of view. You like to be appreciated for your practical contributions, your common sense, and the efforts you make to keep your life on track. You like to be thanked often, both informally and formally and are most likely to be upset when your partner forgets a tradition you hold dear, such as an anniversary.

Your group summary: Guardians (SJ)

Your Type Summary: ISTJ


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X Japan World Tour!

So, it was my birthday on thursday and it was great, i had a meeting with some friends at my house. Anyway, the best part of everything (and one of the best gifts ever) is that the day before, it was confirmed that X Japan is coming on September 9th! I'm SO happy and excited for it! I'm buying my ticket tomorrow! This is the gift i made to myself as i've been saving money for THIS concert since last year.
I can't wait to see them! I know it will be a terrific show, i still can't believe they're coming to South America. The good part is that they're going to Mexico, Perú, Argentina and Brazil as well. When most japanese bands come they only come to Chile (which is REALLY good for us lol) but i'm so glad everyone will enjoy the ~ X love ~.

I'm already planning with a friend of mine to go to the airport when the time comes and, if we can, to the hotel too (STALKER DETECTED LMAO). I can't believe we'll see Yoshiki-san, Toshi, Health, Pata AND Sugizo! OMFG SUGIZO!! Of course no one can take Hide's place <3. I wonder if X will use Hide's hologram in the concert, it would be awesome.


GACKT &lt;3


I haven't updated this journal for a long time now.
I'm just writing here because i don't have anything else to do. BUT...we're finally getting some justice for MJ. Four years might not be enough (in fact, it isn't) but it's better than nothing...ugh, i'm feeling kinda sad.